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Arm awnings for shops

  • Arm awning for shops
  • shop sun awning

A folding arm awning is a space-saving solution for adding a large protected area to a shop. It can be installed on any wall and easily rolls up.

When the awning is fitted with a cassette, this houses the fabric and arms. All awnings with a cassette have a seal system, a front profile and end caps for rainwater run off. 
Without a cassette, the roll of fabric remains visible but can be protected by a canopy fastened to the wall.
It is such a subtle and resistant system. Gibus awnings, made of acrylic or polyester fabric, are available in a huge variety of colours and patterns.

The tests that Gibus carries out on all its folding arm awnings for shops show their resistance to the wind, rain, sudden changes in temperature and intense heat. They provide protection against UV rays but do not darken a shop interior: on the contrary, the light entering can be adjusted thanks to the variable tilt of the arms, from 0° to 50° to the horizontal plane. 

The frame is also highly resistant to corrosion by atmospheric agents and salt fog: all thanks to a protective powder coating.

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