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As wonderful as it is to go shopping, running between all those shops can become an exhausting marathon task. That is why so many shopping centres feature alternating open spaces, flowerbeds, water fountains, benches, cafés, restaurants: places to stop and rest a moment, to grab a drink or a bite to eat. A little break gets everyone ready to get stuck in again.

Protecting spaces like this with a Gibus pergola or covering is what makes them enjoyable no matter what the weather. On hot summer days the PVC fabric covering screens out the sun's rays to lower the temperature beneath by several degrees, reducing the contrast between the air-conditioned indoors and these outdoor spaces. In winter the covering is a shelter from the rain, to encourage shoppers to stop by a minute between purchases. 

The Gibus catalogue features pergolas and coverings for shopping Centres that can cover wide open spaces or entire restaurants, especially in their multi-module versions. Perhaps



  • Quadra 165 is the best choice - a slanted roof that extends as far as nine metres, also available in a self-standing version.
  • Or any of the Zenit range - just one pergola can extend over up to 50 square metres, and our designers will help you combine modules to match your space.
  • Med 100 is a folding covering with up to three modules.

All the pergolas can be closed at the sides with Cristal zip closure systems or folding or sliding glass doors.  They shelter against the wind and the cold, but retain the outward view through the windows for guests to watch the centre’s comings and goings.

These beautiful new relaxation spots are robust and safe, designed specifically for the continuous hustle of bustle of shoppers. Our coverings for shopping centres all have motorised opening and closing systems. If you choose to install wind and sun sensors, they will intelligently self adjust to the weather.  

Special feature on architects

Gibus carries you to the height of your creativity and lets you indulge your dreams. Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality and longevity of our products will astound you.

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