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Bioclimatic pergolas for restaurants

  • Bioclimatic pergola for restaurants
  • Bioclimatic pergola
  • restaurant bioclimatic pergola
  • outdoor pergola
  • Bioclimatic pergola

If you have big ideas for your restaurant, you know that there are no limits to expanding your business. The two lines of Gibus bioclimatic pergolas for restaurants – Med Varia and Med Twist – offer a wide, almost infinite, range of configurations, dimensions and combinations to increase your seating capacity, build the loyalty of your regular customers and acquire new ones. In a space protected against the sun, rain and wind, with a broad view and an elegant minimalist profile.

Bioclimatic pergolas for restaurants allow you to create a space with an ideal microclimate that is cool and shaded in summer, sheltered and warm in winter. It is simple and smart concept: an adjustable louvre cover controls the light and temperature according to the season, weather conditions and your guests' preferences.

In mid-summer, sunlight is filtered according to the degree of rotation of the louvres and ventilation is entirely natural. When it rains, the horizontally positioned louvres turn the cover into a waterproof surface: customers can continue to enjoy your specialities outdoors. A pergola can be closed at the sides with the type of walls you prefer: large glass windows that slide noiselessly and protect the interior space, or a zip closure system with vertical drop awnings with a blackout, shading or transparent-effect fabric, or an insect screen.

In winter, Gibus electric heaters can be used: they are safe, resistant, directionally adjustable, powerful and can also heat a very large pergola. In the evenings, low-power LED lighting systems illuminate and provide various effects, including soft light and bold and attractive colour effects.

Gibus selects and treats the materials used for its bioclimatic pergolas for restaurants so that they remain unaltered over time: they have a powder-coated extruded aluminium frame to withstand corrosion and weathering, large glass windows in toughened safety glass, and strong acrylic zip closure systems.

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