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Pergolas for late night bars and clubs

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The floor space of your establishment is placing limits on the dreams you have of growing and transforming it beyond the reach of your competitors. So explore the possibility of installing a Gibus pergola. Never have to worry about the weather, whatever the season. The shading, waterproof PVC covering protects your guests from rain all year round. How many guests? So many.

If a single-module Med Room pergola covers 50 square metres, just imagine what you can do with a multi-module version. With any Gibus pergola for late bars and clubs, a lounge café, club, pub, beach-side bar or city terrace space will swell and allow you to plan evening events without a glance at the weather forecast.
Gain beauty and style by installing a graceful, minimalist glass structure in a stylish geometric frame. This refined simplicity hides the sophisticated technology that supports the fabric, extends it and deflects water from its surface.

Inside your pergola, the season is always just right. Close off the sides in winter with large “all glass” effect windows to keep the pergola looking stylish. The view towards the outdoors remains unobstructed. Let light and the countryside in, keep the cold and wind out.
Keep your pergola warm and well-lit by evening with Gibus’ powerful electric heaters and energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

Leaning or free-standing, single- or multi-module, sloped roof or 90°, pergolas for late bars and clubs are as strong and firm as a building, yet more charming and elegant in appearance. Constructed with powder-coated aluminium extrusions, they will last year after year, staying functional and retaining their appearance. And if you choose to integrate wind and sun sensors, the pergola will adjust itself intelligently to provide the utmost comfort. 

Let the night begin!

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