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Outdoor shade sails

  • Outdoor shade sails for night club

The lightness of Gibus outdoor shade sails is a hallmark of style, with a very sturdy frame.

Strong shade sails made of white laminated polyester sailcloth, or Tempotestar polyester, are available in a vast selection of colours, or resin-coated fabric, in 8 different colours. 

The radial seams of the fabric are also strong, just like nautical sails. They ensure that outdoor shade sails are perfectly tensioned and close easily, preventing water pockets from forming when it rains. 
A sturdy basic configuration is available that comprises 4 tilted stainless steel masts anchored to the ground with circular posts. If required, a shade sail can be installed leaning against a wall.

When the wind blows over 40 km/h, Gibus outdoor shade sails automatically close thanks to a mandatory anemometer and to standard completely motorized systems. A shade sail with a 10-metre opening can close in just 40 seconds.

And when evening sets in, you can stay outdoors: Gibus outdoor covers can be fitted with LED spotlights, which can be fixed to the masts with a bracket. 

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