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Bioclimatic pergolas for late night bars and clubs

  • Bioclimatic pergola for late night bar

If you want your late night bar or club to be a venue for perfect evenings, a bioclimatic pergola is the solution you are looking for. For lounge bars, clubs, late night bars on the beach, city terraces and patios, it means having the opportunity to host a large number of people, always and at any time in a space that is spectacular, sheltered and comfortable. So that evenings cancelled because of the rain become a distant memory.

Gibus bioclimatic pergolas have such slender and elegant lines that they harmoniously fit into any space, from period buildings to late night bars by the sea. They elegantly conceal technologies that ensure their perfect functionality. The basic model has a cover with adjustable louvres: when in a horizontal position, they provide protection against the sun and rain; when open, they create a light breeze in the space below, which is extremely pleasant in summer. 

The standard motorized movement systems for the louvres are also concealed. Activated with a simple remote control, their power varies depending on the dimensions of the pergola. When all the optional automatic devices are used, the microclimate self-adjusts according to the weather conditions.

Bad weather can never enter a pergola: the sides can be closed to ensure total protection from the rain and wind, with large glass windows or vertical drop zip closure systems. And if you add Gibus electric heaters, winter evenings will also be an inevitable success.

You only need to decide which pergola will give you the additional outdoor space that will best enhance your late night bar or club. The Med Varia and Med Twist lines offer a huge choice of combinations: leaning or free-standing, single-module or multi-module. Bioclimatic pergolas for late night bars and clubs give shape and dimension to the most suitable space for every event. Illuminate them with Gibus LED systems and you will have the perfect atmosphere: soft or diffused light, or refined colour effects. So that every evening will be special.

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