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When choosing a hotel, your location and its vista are of fundamental importance to your guests, especially if you are in a holiday destination or a stunning historic city. Make your hotel stand out by offering a terrace under a pergola from where, sheltered, they can enjoy the scenery. Open your mind to closing the windows, open up the countryside by shutting out the cold: a Gibus pergola is a gift to your guests.  Picture serving breakfast by the sea as the wind billows unnoticed around you; invite a crowd to spend an evening on the hotel terrace without worrying about the weather forecast; pamper your guests.

Gibus’ large glass windows for hotels are made of completely transparent tempered safety glass that envelops the room in warmth and comfort without impeding the view. Leave the cold, wind, UV rays and even noise outside. Make full use of the open space and panoramic view at any time of year. 

The transparent seals are up to 95% water and wind proof, and limit noise against the sides to 14 dB. Moisture is drawn away so condensation does not block your view.

These slim and elegant products will define your hotel and add recognisability and style. You can choose Skate’s large folding glass windows for a system that opens up your walls with strength, stability and minimal maintenance. Alternatively, select Glisse’s parallel tracks with various options for sliding the doors open and stylish anodised aluminium and stainless steel knobs.

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Gibus carries you to the height of your creativity and lets you indulge your dreams. Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality and longevity of our products will astound you.

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