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Bioclimatic pergolas for hotels

  • Bioclimatic pergola for hotels
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For centuries, along the Mediterranean coasts, a pergola has been the simplest and most popular way to provide shade, covered with greenery or fabric. This simple functional structure has inspired all Gibus pergolas, including bioclimatic pergolas, which express the ultimate in technology and sophistication. 

At a bathing establishment, a bioclimatic pergola is the ideal solution for those who want to fully enjoy their passion for the sun and the sea. Below the cover with adjustable louvres, you can control sunlight and light as required; when the sun is at its hottest, a slight rotation of the louvres is all that is needed to filter the sun and create a natural light breeze. When it rains, simply turn the louvres to the horizontal position to stay protected outdoors. And all around you, you can enjoy a sea landscape for hours on end, from morning to evening and night, when you turn on the LED lights that can be built into the pergola.

The sea also means wind, a strong wind. Bioclimatic pergolas for bathing establishments can be closed at the sides to shield against strong wind and the cold while maintaining the same broad view. You can choose from a Glisse or Skate large glass window closing system made of toughened safety glass, or Cristal PVC zip closure system. You can have a comfortable protected indoor space, with an elegant lightweight structure outdoors, which blends in perfectly with the landscape just like the pergolas of a thousand years ago.

Such elegance and lightness is due to their hard-wearing materials, selected and treated by Gibus so that they will remain strong and unaltered over time. The frame is made of powder-coated extruded aluminium to withstand weather conditions and corrosion by salt fog. 

A bathing establishment can enjoy serene seasons, just like its guests. You can rely on the assistance of a Gibus Atelier for any requirement, at any time. In Italy, more than 250 are ready to provide assistance. 

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