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Shade sails for hotels

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A shade sail is the ultimate solution for a relaxing space, which is why it is perfect for a hotel.
Gibus shade sails for hotels are ideal for all hotels because they are certainly the most customisable covers for outdoor spaces: choose from leaning, free-standing, a single shade sail, shade sail compositions, strictly geometric or tensioned and curved as if inflated by the wind. Available in a broad range of colours.

Whether you are a small boutique hotel, a B&B by the sea or a large international hotel, a shade sail will protect your guests from the sun or rain in a spectacularly beautiful space, created for relaxing at the edge of a pool, for enjoying a quiet breakfast or for happily socialising at a party.

The great thing is that, like sails inflated by the wind, Gibus shade sails appear to have just arrived and been installed right where they are required. They open and close in just a few seconds thanks to their motorized systems. They can also be set up in fine weather.

Their lightness is typical of refined, simple and functional design, just that of a boat. But the materials of shade sails for hotels are strong and hard-wearing. They are tensioned and made to last for years while withstanding all weather conditions.

Shade sails are made of polyester sailcloth, with strong radial seams. Fixings, tension wires, nuts and bolts, masts and the boom the fabric wraps around are all made of stainless steel.

Your guests will always be protected under a shade sail. If the wind blows at over 40 km/hour, the mandatory anemometer and a wind sensor automatically closes the shade sail in a few seconds.  The same applies to larger shade sails.


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