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Bathing establishments

A long day on the beach, a beautiful evening by the sea: this is what sea-side holidays are made of, and as a manager you want to make of your establishment a place so comfortable and attractive that your customers will never want to leave. Beneath a Gibus covering for bathing establishments, a day by the sea is just right - never too hot, never too bright. 

With a PVC covering to screen out the sun’s damaging rays, the space beneath even the most simple pergola becomes a fresh spot of shade. You could choose a flat covering as in Zenit, or a concertina as in Med Fly or Quadra. Each shape is a reinterpretation of one of the oldest traditions in Mediterranean civilisations.



Bioclimatic pergolas can provide your guests with the desired natural microclimate, chosen by the orientation of the rotating slats. Screen out the sun’s direct rays but let through a light breeze, or close the slats entirely to shelter against sun and rain.

Pergolas are the perfect substitute for the classic umbrella, creating a real outdoor living room that offers a space for all in which to relax or have a quick snack. The Gibus catalogue features very large versions, too. Just imagine the possibilities when you can close off the sides of your pergola.  Keep out the wind, the rain and the cold with Cristal zip closure systems or sliding or folding glass doors. Your establishment will remain a comfortable place for welcoming guests in summer and autumn alike.

When night falls, our coverings for bathing establishments light up ready for parties and dinners  Our LED lighting systems, integrated into the structure itself, are versatile and energy efficient. It is up to you how you adjust the brightness and set the mood with the colourful effects.

Special feature on architects

Gibus carries you to the height of your creativity and lets you indulge your dreams. Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality and longevity of our products will astound you.

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