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Villa with Garden

  • typology: Private residence
  • place: Bisceglie (BT) - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Twist + Glisse
  • Gibus Atelier: AD ALBRIZIO DESIGN
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Gibus quality is no longer just for restaurants, lounge bars or hotels: now, the company's signature solutions can be used to create a Place under the Sun,  easily enjoyed at any time of year, in outdoor areas of private residences. And a growing number of homeowners is choosing to do just that, especially if they're lucky enough to have a garden or yard adjacent to their house, effectively gaining an extra room for the winter, furnished and heated, which turns into a heavenly lounging area during the warmer months of the year. When Michele Di Pilato decided to finally install such a structure in March 2016, he chose Gibus to make his dream come true.
For some time, Di Pilato had mulled the idea of installing a fixed enclosure in the front yard of his single-family home, in order better exploit a certain tiled area which was getting little use. Word of mouth led him to Atelier AD – Albrizio Design in Trani, and as he wandered through the showroom, it was the Twist bioclimatic pergola by Gibus which caught his eye.
“After ruling out a number of possibilities such as wooden coverings and traditional awnings,” says the Atelier's owner Francesco Albrizio, “the client's interest quickly steered towards the Twist product, with Glisse sliding windows and an automated metal-bladed roof which allows users to decide when to let the sun rays in and when to block them and enjoy the shade instead.”
The trademark roof blades are among the top assets of the Twist design: opening them slightly lets in a pleasant and natural ventilation, while orienting them to shield the sun results in maximum protection from the rays. When shut completely (namely, set in the horizontal position) the blades provide total shelter from the rain as well as excellent drainage, as rainwater is instantly funneled into the specially-designed drainpipes. The sliding Glisse windows also contribute to make the Gibus pergola ideal for every season: leave them open if the weather is nice, and just close them when it's rainy or windy outside!  Last but not least, the product adds style and charm to any environment: tempered glass panels blend with the stainless steel structure and the silver-coated anodized aluminum to give the bioclimatic pergola its signature “minimal chic” appeal – a refined and elegant look which is perfectly suited for any context.
Once Di Pilato decided to go with Twist, the structure took only three days to erect, and now constitutes a fabulous extension of his home. “I'm extremely satisfied with the choice,” he explains, “this is a stylish, designer addition that allows to me to take advantage of an area which gets hours of sunlight every day.”
To prevent issues of excessive light, the Atelier has equipped Twist with roller blinds,featuring a range of settings designed to provide extra protection from the sun. LED spot-lights installed onto the roof blades and a convenient air conditioning systemfurther enhance the structure: “I find it very practical,” says Di Pilato, who was able to use his eco-incentive in the purchase of Twist. “A part of the property which was almost never used has become one of our favorite spaces, even in the colder or rainier months, when it turns into a sort of winter garden.”
Thanks to Gibus, this homeowner has quickly enriched his house with a beautiful Place under the Sun, which he'll be able to enjoy at all times of year, either by himself or in the company of friends and relatives.

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“I find it very practical a part of the property which was almost never used has become one of our favorite spaces, even in the colder or rainier months, when it turns into a sort of winter garden.”

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