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Spagó Restaurant

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Lancashire - UK
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Viva
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Spagó, one of the best restaurants in Lytham St. Annes, in Lancashire in the UK, specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, Italian in particular. To make the experience of its customers even more memorable, in addition to a rich, tasty menu, the restaurant’s owners have focussed on creating a striking setting, which has now been enhanced by a functional and elegant outdoor area, achieved thanks to Gibus pergolas
In front of the restaurant two Med Viva Pavilion pergolas have been installed – one for each side of the main entrance – creating two “Places under the Sun” where guests can enjoy, in maximum comfort, lunch or dinner with friends. And all with excellent views, since both structures are protected by 11.QU transparent vertical drop blinds: accessories which, as required, can be used to provide excellent protection against wind and rain.  
“Tony, the restaurant’s owner,” said Edward Blackhurst of Duckworth Outdoor Solutions, the studio involved in the installation, “contacted us to create an area that would be practical and add a touch of style to the restaurant, and which, above all, could be used all year round and integrate harmoniously with Spagó’s structure. It was immediately seen that Med Viva Pavilion was the perfect choice for answering these needs.” 
This was due to its unique attributes, but also the possibility – a common feature of all Gibus solutions – of being extremely versatile and able to perfectly suit the specific needs of all customers. “In this specific case,” explained Mr Blackhurst again, “the first thing we did was to subject a rendered image of the installation to the local authority for approval. The customer didn’t have permission to attach the structure directly to the restaurant façade, so we modified the upper part of the pergola to ensure visibility from the bow window on the front and lengthened the roofing on the back to protect the underlying area from any inclement weather.” 
This work demonstrates the great possibility for customisation of Gibus products, as well as the fact that it does not affect the speed of the installation: suffice it to say that to complete this installation, three days and two installers were sufficient. 
The aim of the owner of Spagó has without doubt been achieved: the new outdoor area, thanks to simple and elegant lines of Med Viva Pavilion, makes the front of the restaurant even more charming and refined; furthermore, the opportunity to enjoy a meal, as if outside, protected by a structure that guarantees maximum comfort in any weather conditions, attracts a large number of customers. “Since the installation has been completed, the restaurant has seen considerable growth in terms of guest numbers and, as a result, turnover,” commented Mr. Blackhurst with satisfaction. 
The guests of Spagó can now not only count on an unbeatable menu, but also on a Gibus “Place under the Sun” where they can enjoy the delicious food prepared by restaurant chefs. 

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“Since the installation has been completed, the restaurant has seen considerable growth in terms of guest numbers and, as a result, turnover.”

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