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Single Family Home with Garden

  • typology: Private residence
  • place: Trani - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Quadra + Glisse
  • Gibus Atelier: AD ALBRIZIO DESIGN
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Installing a Place under the Sun by Gibus lets you enhance your home with a delightful extra space: a comfortable and relaxing area which can be enjoyed all year long, and which quickly adds livable surface – not to mention value – to your property.  An extra room can mean so much more than mere surface, and considering how vital every bit of space is nowadays, this really is one luxury that you can't afford not to have!
Such was the conclusion to which Antonio Messinese came, when he decided to install a Gibus pergola in the back yard of his single-family home in Trani. Looking to make better use of the outdoor portion of his property, and having considered several options, Messinese finally turned to Atelier AD – Albrizio Design in Trani.  The atelier listened to his needs and ultimately suggested one of Gibus' most popular products: the Quadra pergola with Glisse sliding windows and LED spotlights placed on the horizontal profiles.
“I wanted to get the most out of that space,” says Messinese, “but without resorting to a fixed structure. In other words, I needed a covering which was somewhat adjustable according to my different needs. This made it very easy and natural for me to choose the Quadra model, which lets you still enjoy the area as an open-air space, when you wish to do so, thanks to its retractable roof. What factors influenced my decision? Well, the retractable covering was definitely key, but the structure's stylish look and sleek aesthetics also played an important role!”
With its supporting frame in painted aluminum featuring a wall or ceiling coupling on one side and resting on a gutter on the other side, Quadra by Gibus was able to perfectly meet the customer's needs and expectations. Furthermore, thanks to its state-of-the-art canvas in white Pvc Opatex fabric, the enclosures enjoys perfect protection from UV rays, while featuring that stylishly elegant “minimal chic” design which has always defined the Gibus line of products. “It's really like having an extra room,” explains the glowing homeowner, “which we get to enjoy for a good nine months of the year, since our warm season down here lasts a little longer than up north...”
The Glisse sliding window panes don't just provide shelter from the elements, they also allow users to easily hop in and out of the pergola or into the garden: an ideal recipe for many relaxing moments in the company of family or friends. “I can think of no better word than 'pleasant' to describe Quadra,” concludes Messinese, pointing out that he was even able to take advantage of the tax breaks for energy savings established by the Eco-incentive.
And the installation itself, in keeping with the Gibus tradition, is always impressively quick. “We had this baby up in 2 days,” says Francesco Albrizio, owner of the atelier which sold the structure and carried out the installation. “In just 48 hours, the customer added a superlative new area to his home.”
And not just any area, but the crown jewel of the entire house, thanks to the style and elegance with which Messinese has decorated the space, which really showcases the potential of a Place under the Sun by Gibus.

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“It's really like having an extra room, which we get to enjoy for a good nine months of the year, since our warm season down here lasts a little longer than up north...”

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