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  • typology: Public installation
  • place: Palermo, Italia
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Twist
  • Gibus Atelier:
Immagine di anteprima (orizzontale)
Immagine di anteprima (squadrata)
Immagine di anteprima (verticale)

Project needs
The owners of this showroom wanted to increase the available surface area by adding an outdoor covered space to display their products. The peculiarity of the project was the need to follow the aesthetic line of the building, whose sloping roof ends with an unusual projection on the front that the pergolas would have to fit to.

Project features
The design of the building that houses this showroom has a sloping roof by three degrees and an unusual projection from the front. To maintain this aesthetic line after adding the pergolas, the designers decided to install each module "back to front ", with the roof counter-sloping with respect to the building, perfectly fitting the front frames of the pergolas to the projection. In this way, the installed pergolas follow the lines of the building, because they too slope by three degrees. The result is truly amazing, and can be fully admired by observing the side of the structure. The structures have been installed with the legs in correspondence with the building pillars, thus creating an overall harmony for the installation. The floor area covered by the pergolas is floating decking and this, together with the counter-slope, gave rise to the need to solve the problem of rainwater outflow, which was solved thanks to the use of specific plinths installed under the floor that the pergola legs rest on. This way, the water can flow out through the downpipes inside the legs, and continue its path by exploiting special underground, and therefore invisible, drainage. The complete installation is composed of six Med Twist bioclimatic pergolas, each one made to the specific measurements of the area being covered, and installed with an L-shaped configuration in order to follow the angle of the existing structure. A curiosity: the first of the six modules has been fitted with RGB LED lighting, in order to accommodate small events by night.

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