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  • typology: Public installation
  • place: Caserta, Italia
  • Installed Gibus products: 11.qu / 13.qu
  • Gibus Atelier:
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Immagine di anteprima (squadrata)
Immagine di anteprima (verticale)

Project needs
To increase space to accommodate customers, especially during the summer when many events that attract a large crowd are organized in the area in front of the shop.

Project features
Situated inside a shopping centre, Colorito is an innovative space designed for the production, tasting and sale of healthy and guaranteed products that come from the agri-food supply chain. Given the architectural constraints of the area – it is close to the Royal Palace of Caserta - we had to use a foldaway cover to shelter the outdoor area. This requirement, together with the need to cover a large surface area, led the owners to choose the Med Room: in fact, by installing the products side by side, it was possible to obtain an extra 150 square feet to be used year round. The outdoor area was immediately appreciated by customers, who often stop here for a coffee or an aperitif after they have finished shopping; and the owners were also extremely satisfied with the result, because the extra space offers them greater earning potential.

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