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Scogliolungo Restaurant

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Porto Torres (SS)- Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Twist
  • Gibus Atelier:
Immagine di anteprima (orizzontale)
Immagine di anteprima (squadrata)
Immagine di anteprima (verticale)

Would you like to enjoy lunch or dinner sat on a terrace along the seashore? No, it’s not an impossible dream; you can enjoy this experience at Scogliolungo, a restaurant in Porto Torres, which has made its unrivalled location even more spectacular by installing a Med Twist pergola by Gibus. In this way, the part of the restaurant that extends over the rocks has been transformed, to all intents and purposes, into a real Place under the Sun which, particularly in summer, is truly special. 
“My main goal”, explained Antonello Zappino, owner of the restaurant, “was to find a structure that could guarantee protection from the sun, but also with stand the strong winds that blow over the outside area, which is just a stone’s throw from the sea, and provide a touch of elegance and design in harmony with the style of our restaurant.”  
Due to its features, the bioclimatic Med Twist pergola from Gibus is perfectly able to satisfy these needs. In first place, it has tilting louvre blades that form the roof and can be oriented to regulate the microclimate of the room beneath, allowing guests to enjoy, at all times, pleasant, natural ventilation. The blades can also be oriented to shield the sunlight, thereby guaranteeing total protection and maximum comfort even on the hottest days. Once closed, the blades offer perfect protection against the rain, which is drained along rainwater channels integrated in the load-bearing structure. With regard to the structure: this is made of painted aluminium and distinguished by a minimal, essential design, but with a strong impact nonetheless. In fact, these lines are able to enhance any type of architecture, at the same time highlighting the beauty of the product and the setting in which it sits. 
“This is precisely what happened at the Sciogliolungo restaurant,” explained Andrea Nigra, sales manager of Nuova Neon Sassari, the Gibus reseller that oversaw installation. “We are happy to have helped with this exceptional work, positioning the bioclimatic pergola on the rocks in a truly priceless setting. We also guaranteed the owner rapid installation times: after a long decision-making process, we managed to finish the work in three working days, using two workers for assembly and two technicians. The result? An area of 120 m2 that increases the footprint of the place exponentially.” 
“The Med Twist bioclimatic pergola”, added Zappino again, “was the perfect choice for satisfying my needs and was immediately recommended by the Rolando Pisuttu DePi design studio, who followed development of the entire project, encouraging me to use Nuova Neon for the installation. I am more than satisfied with the result, in terms of both efficiency and aesthetic impact, and see that my customers also particularly appreciate this new area.” 
And it couldn’t be otherwise: the installation at the restaurant Scogliolungo displays all the qualities of a Gibus Place under the Sun at its best – from its excellent practicality to its ability to provide superior comfort – all set in one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.  

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“The Med Twist bioclimatic pergola, was the perfect choice for satisfying my needs.” 

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