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Roncesare Restaurant

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Formia (LT) - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Twist
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A new pergola from Gibus positioned outdoors changes the look of the Roncesare Restaurant-Pizzeria

Give the restaurant a new look and, above all, provide it with a practical, functional outdoor area that transforms it into a genuine Place under the Sun able to welcome guests all year round: these are the results achieved by the Roncesare Restaurant-Pizzeria in Formia thanks to the installation of a Med Twist pergola.


The restaurant has been open for 33 years and, recently, it has been the subject of a series of renovation works both inside and out,” explained the owners of the restaurant, Salvatore and Carlo Di Fava. “Last year, while working on the outdoor area, we decided to install a Gibus product in the area where up to now a veranda and a gazebo were positioned alongside one another. The problem? The feeling of having two separate structures, with customers often preferring the veranda to the gazebo.”


“We solved this problem by choosing a multi-module self-bearing Med Twist pergola,” said Silvio Orgera, owner of the design studio S.L. Tendaggi of Formia, in the province of Latina, which took care of the installation. “In this way we managed to protect an L-shaped area with a high-quality product, achieving, at the same time, a pleasing sense of continuity and making the outdoor environment more modern and uniform.”


Then again, Med Twist is particularly suited to this type of use, being a bioclimatic pergola which not only features an innovative, minimal design that adapts to and enhances any environment, but also has the advantage of a louvred roof system. In practical terms, this means that when the louvres are closed, the area below is perfectly protected from the sun and rain, while when open and adjusted according to needs, the area beneath the roof is naturally ventilated.


Initially we thought that we could instead use a Med Room pergola, but after speaking to the customer and better understanding his needs, we agreed that Med Twist was the ideal product,” said Orgera. “In this way we satisfied all the requests of the customer, who wanted an aesthetically interesting product that was also reliable and required little maintenance, but also a company that could provide rapid assistance at any time; and all this combined with the rapid installation times that Gibus products allow – in fact only three days and 4 people working were required to install the pergola.”


The results, just a year from installation, can be seen by all. “Focusing on an excellent product like the bioclimatic pergola certainly paid off,” commented Salvatore and Carlo Di Fava. “Our regular customers complimented our choice with regard to the practicality and beauty of the Gibus product. Furthermore, the design of the structure has given the place a more modern appeal, helping us to attract a new type of customer.”  


Customers and guests, while eating lunch or dinner at the Roncesare Restaurant-Pizzeria, can now not only enjoy the delicious meals on the menu, but also the superior comfort afforded by the Gibus bioclimatic pergola.  

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"Our regular customers complimented our choice with regard to the practicality and beauty of the Gibus product" - Carlo Di Fava


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