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  • typology: Public installation
  • place: Lago di Sirio, Ivrea, Torino
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Open Fly
  • Gibus Atelier:
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Project needs
To shade a portion of the wooden pier with a lightweight structure in both weight and lines, capable of enhancing the beauty of a fascinating location.

Project features
Located on the border between the towns of Ivrea and Chiaverano and formerly known as Lake St. Joseph, Lake Sirio is the largest of the lakes in the area and the only one to be fed by a spring. The setting is very impressive, with mountains in the distance towards the horizon and dense vegetation surrounding the scene. Access to the lake is given through two establishments respectively in the southwest and east, but motorboats cannot enter. On one side there is a lake shore, equipped with benches and picnic areas, and a T-shaped wooden pier. The already romantic setting has been enhanced with the addition of a Med Open Fly pergola, installed right on the pier. With its distinguished and original arched solution which allows the side drainage of water without any inclination of the structure, the PVC anti UV blackout cover protects against harmful sunrays and attenuates the heat. Whether you come to the jetty by land, walking along the wooden planks or by water, after mooring your boat and casually rowing in, the Med Open Fly pergola offers adequate protection and a pleasant microclimate even during the hottest hours.

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