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La Fourmigue Restaurant

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Côte d’Azur - France
  • Installed Gibus products: Twist
  • Gibus Atelier:
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La Fourmigue is a wonderful restaurant overlooking the port of GOLFE-JUAN, one of the beautiful areas of the Côte d’Azur located along the coastline in the municipality of Vallauris. The restaurant, which creates dishes of the highest quality with fish taking pride of place, offers a spectacular view as well as exquisite cuisine, succeeding in delighting the palate of customers as much as their eyes.
To make the experience of its guests even more comfortable and help them enjoy all the magic of the place, a bioclimatic Twist pergola by Gibus has recently been installed, which has not only given the restaurant a real “Place under the Sun” (Stanza del Sole) to enjoy at any moment of the day, but also considerably enlarged the area devoted to dining.  
These are aspects that are also underlined by the owners of La Fourmigue, Laurence and Pascal Massa. “The first, and biggest, advantage of installing a Gibus bioclimatic pergola is that it has given us the opportunity to fully make use of our terrace in all weather conditions: when it is hot, it guarantees the ideal microclimate inside for our customers, but also when there is wind and rain – in a seaside resort such as this the weather can change suddenly. Furthermore,” added Laurence Massa enthusiastically, “we have been able to significantly expand the capacity of our restaurant and increase the number of covers available.” 
This took place in a very short period of time: work to install the Twist pergola, performed by Sarl M.a.c. of Antibes, required an overall time of five days for the finished product to be completed, including the Cristal side panels and the spotlights and LEDs around the perimeter, and a total of four people, including a Gibus professional who supervised all aspects of the assembly. 
The result? “Exceptional,” commented the owner of the restaurant. “We wanted to install a high quality product that was reliable, robust and easy to operate,” – characteristics that Twist pergolas offer in abundance. What made the difference was the bioclimatic roof, which enhanced the already elegant and efficient aluminium structure. Thanks to two innovative patents, Twist Motion and Side Seal, the tilting louvers that make up the roof can be adjusted as required, protecting guests efficiently from the sun and rain, but also allowing them to enjoy the natural light and ventilation.” In short, quality, which is perfect for a place just a stone’s throw from the sea, but without forgetting, naturally, design, another of Gibus’ strong points: “If I was asked to give this aspect marks out of ten, I would most certainly give it a ten,” concluded the owner of La Fourmigue, Pascal Massa. 
With the summer season already in full swing, La Fourmigue now offers its customers a truly complete service, in which excellent cuisine is complemented by an inimitable view and superior comfort guaranteed by a “Place under the Sun” (Stanza del Sole) by Gibus.

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“The first, and biggest, advantage of installing a Gibus bioclimatic pergola is that it has given us the opportunity to fully make use of our terrace in all weather conditions.”

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