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Il Pirata Restaurant and Loung Bar

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In a wonderful location in Praiano, in the province of Salerno, along the route that winds from the marina of Praia westwards between the coast and the sea, lies the wonderful restaurant and lounge bar “Il Pirata” which, from its position on a rocky ridge, gives diners a spectacular view of the sea. Thanks to the recent installation of four Med Country Elite pergolas by Gibus with 13.QU side panels, it has recently been transformed into a huge Place under the Sun, which can be used by customers at any time of the day for a delicious lunch or dinner or a drink overlooking breathtaking views.

The installation, which took place between the end of April and beginning of May of this year, demonstrated once again the enormous potential of Gibus products, as Rino, owner of the restaurant, explained: “The work was part of the project to remodernise the old structure, which was certainly not easy because, given the uniqueness of the building, it is subject to restrictions of the Soprintendenza per le Belle Arti (Fine Arts Heritage Authority). What were we looking for? A structure that could be dismantled easily when required, with blinds that could be opened on sunny days and closed simply when the weather conditions were not perfect.” A result achieved by Gibus pergolas, which have – as the owner underlined again – created an extra room that has the interesting feature of being perceived by customers as a single unit. “You have the sensation of being both inside and outside the restaurant at the same time.” Furthermore,” continued Rino, “even in aesthetic terms the solution was suited to our needs, being discreet, with clean lines and a hidden water drainage system that immediately appeared elegant and functional.” 

Nicola Pede, owner of Atelier Home Interni d'Arte in Piano di Sorrento, Naples, took care of the installation and also saw to the details. “Before actually assembling the pergolas,” he underlined, “there was a stage dedicated to a special assessment by an expert and ad hoc planning: a truly detail-oriented job, the aim of which was to satisfy the customers’ needs in the best way possible. We also needed to take into account the fact that the restaurant is located on a ridge and so the installation needed to follow the profile of the rock and be fastened on to it. In this unique context, the choice of Gibus products was only one that could guarantee an efficient design solution.”And in particular, Med Country Elite proved, from the very beginning, to be the perfect solution: “Even our customers,” added Pede with satisfaction, “approved of this choice and there was no need to look at any of the many other quality offers from Gibus.” 

With the season only just started, the owner of “Il Pirata” confirmed the immediate “aesthetic and functional” advantages achieved by Gibus products: “In this way we can count on an extra area that can be used in any weather conditions,” concluded Rino. The only thing remaining, therefore, is for the customers to enjoy this wonderful Place under the Sun located in one of the most beautiful and striking areas of the Amalfi Coast

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“Even in aesthetic terms the solution was suited to our needs, being discreet, with clean lines and a hidden water drainage system that immediately appeared elegant and functional.” 

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