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Fleetwood Football Club

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Thornton - UK
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Viva + Glisse
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A restaurant overlooking a football field so that fans can follow their favourite player’s training sessions while comfortably seated at a table or eat an excellent dish before or after a match: a dream for any sportsperson and now a reality at Poolfoot Farm, a very modern sports and leisure complex which is also the headquarters of Fleetwood Football Club, in the town of Thornton in the UK, thanks to the installation of pergolas made by Gibus.
The model Med Viva Pavilion was chosen, being ideal for outdoor installation and creating a perfect “Place under the Sun” that can be used year round. At Poolfoot Farm, six Med Viva Pavilions were installed in sequence, one next to the other, thereby covering an outdoor area with a length of thirty metres and width of six, and creating a space directly connected to the restaurant and, at the same time, only a few metres from the pitch with exceptional views. 
“The Med Viva Pavilions, which were immediately identified by the customer as the ideal solution for answering their needs,” explained Edward Blackhurst of Duckworth Outdoor Solutions, the studio involved in the installation, “were equipped with all the accessories for maximum ease of use, allowing customers to enjoy superior comfort throughout the year. In addition to a LED lighting system, drop blinds were installed for the 13.QU side panels and Glisse glass sliding doors: in this way maximum protection from wind and rain is ensured and the outdoor area can be used even at night.” 
To guarantee that this type of pergola was perfect for an outdoor environment, drainpipes were built into the posts, the pergola was fully secured to the ground and has a free-standing structure made of painted aluminium which, as well as being practical and robust, with its minimal lines succeeds in adapting elegantly to any context, enhancing it and making it not only more comfortable but also more beautiful to look at.  
For this particular installation – which required eight days of work and involved three people – a series of special profiles were designed to allow the structure to be fixed directly to the restaurant building: the best demonstration of how Gibus products are extremely versatile and customizable, answering customers’ requests in the best possible way
The final result? Certainly more than positive, as Mr. Blackhurst underlines again, “The restaurant has gained an area of 180 m2 which looks directly on to the pitch and which, thanks to the “full glass” effect guaranteed by the side panels, offers a spectacular 180 degree view, without forgetting that the LED system ensures a bright, lively atmosphere even at night.” 
In this way the team and fans of Fleetwood Football Club can count on a restaurant equipped with outdoor area that is a genuine “Place under the Sun” in which comfort, style and practicality are combined to perfection.

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The best demonstration of how Gibus products are extremely versatile and customizable, answering customers’ requests in the best possible way. 

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