Don Pepe Restaurants

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Budapest - Unghery
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Twist
  • Gibus Atelier:
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The Don Pepe chain of restaurants, which is specialised in Hungarian cuisine, has chosen to stylishly redesign its look with Gibus flair, beginning with its main restaurant. The aim? Without doubt to give the entire chain a new image, making it more modern, functional and stylish, but also, in the specific case of the capital’s restaurant, to make better use of the restaurant’s wonderful terrace so that it can be used throughout the year. 
The result was successful thanks to the decision to focus on Gibus solutions: a free standing Med Twist, consisting of three connected modules with Skate windows, was installed on the terrace. The unique feature of this minimal and elegantly designed bioclimatic pergola is the roof formed of tilting metal louvers which, by ensuring natural ventilation, create the ideal microclimate under the structure for guests to enjoy. Once the louvers are closed, instead, guests are perfectly sheltered from the rain, which is conveyed along drain channels incorporated into the structure. 
Furthermore, the sliding Skate windows not only provide a powerful aesthetic impact thanks to an “all glass” solution, but also allow customers of Don Pepe to enjoy maximum comfortin all weather conditions, thus transforming the terrace into a genuine Place under the Sun by Gibus, which can be used 365 days a year. 
“On the matter of customers’ comfort,” added with satisfaction Gaspar Bonta, the local architect who followed the work at the Budapest restaurant, “the pergola was also equipped with LED spots incorporated into the louvres, a sound system and five tungsten heaters.” This allows the lighting, audio system and, when necessary, heat emissions in the pergola to be regulated with extreme versatility, achieving effects suited to any time of the day. This is perfectly in line with the aim of the restaurant, which was, Bonta added, “to create a unique atmosphere, with high-quality design that is simple and minimal but at the same time welcoming.”  
The results were seen immediately: “the glass structure transformed the terrace into a bright, cosy place, immediately drawing in customers,” explained Bonta, the architect, who underlined how the glass structure was also “able to guarantee optimal acoustic and thermal insulation,” essential characteristics for allowing Don Pepe customers to enjoy the terrace space in the best possible way. 
It was not only the guests of the restaurant who expressed their appreciation of the choice, Bonta also defined his experience with Gibus solutions as being “exclusive” and gave full marks to the product design. “Both the restaurant owner and I have been aware of Gibus products for several years and when the project got underway to restyle all of our restaurants, beginning with the one in Budapest, we decided to trust in this company, finding, in particular, that the versatility and features of Med Twist made it the ideal solution for complementing the new identity we wanted to give to the restaurant,” concluded Bonta. 

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“This is perfectly in line with the aim of the restaurant, which was, to create a unique atmosphere, with high-quality design that is simple and minimal but at the same time welcoming.”  

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