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  • typology: Coffee/Bar
  • place: Salerno
  • Installed Gibus products: 11.qu / 13.qu
  • Gibus Atelier:
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Project needs
To create more space by adding an extra room that can be used throughout the year, ensuring maximum comfort to customers; this, in a nutshell, was what the owners of Caffè Macondo in Salerno were looking for.

Project features
The need for more space that could be used throughout the year and whatever the weather, was what led the owners of this elegant seaside cafe in Salerno to combine the Med Room Maki pergola with 13.QU side panels. The project also had to comply with the stringent restrictions of the Local Authorities, related in particular to the aesthetics and dimensions. The pergola blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment, thanks to the high quality materials and the minimalist, elegant design. The strong point of this product is most definitely the Maki cloth awning made of anti-UV blackout PVC, which retracts and opens thanks to an innovative system of aluminium rollers. A solid structure, innovative automatic systems and functional, easy-to-use side panels: this is what makes the Med Room Maki pergola a perfect all-seasons solution, permitting you to serve more customers without compromising on comfort. 

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