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Boutique Hotel Rivalmar

  • typology: Hotel
  • place: Istria - Croatia
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Twist
  • Gibus Atelier:
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A restaurant on the beach and a Place under the Sun (Stanza del Sole) a few metres from the sea: this is what you’ll find at the Boutique Hotel Rivalmare in Cittanova, Istria, Croatia, thanks to the installation of two bioclimatic Med Twist pergolas by Gibus, which have been joined together to cover an overall area of 60 square metres.
The name of the hotel, which in Italian means “by the sea”, is extremely apt – few hotels are found so close to the sea and have, as a result, such an incredibly stunning view from each of their rooms. By choosing a Gibus solution, the enjoyment and comfort of guests has been further enhanced, giving them the opportunity to have lunch or dinner, or take time to relax while enjoying a breathtaking view.

The Med Twist pergola by Gibus has proved to be the ideal solution for meeting customers’ needs, as Alen Peteh, owner of the design studio “Inside Design” of Rovigno, who oversaw the installation, explained, “In view of the exceptional location where the structure was to be placed, a specific notice for applications was issued,” explained Peteh. “The same notice specified the characteristics required for the insulated pergola, which would enhance the structure of the hotel. By selecting Med Twist we managed to satisfy all requirements easily, while at the same time giving our customer the opportunity to personalize the pergola in the best possible way: for example, we provided glass side panels with sliding doors and, inside, used lighting that was able to create a truly evocative atmosphere, in perfect harmony with this unrivalled location.” We shouldn’t forget the speed of installation: “The two Med Twist pergolas by Gibus were installed at the beginning of May and two days and three people were needed before the structure was handed over,” added Peteh.

Together with the speed of construction, other strong points convinced the director and owner of the Boutique Hotel Rivalmare, Roberto Fattori, to choose a Gibus solution. “We first of all needed a pergola made of tough material that was suited to its unique position facing the sea. The result was perfect, also due to the fact that the roof was made of mobile louvers that can be tilted according to the direction of the sun’s rays and the weather conditions in general: air can be made to flow or closed off in the event temperatures are too hot or weather conditions are not ideal, thereby always ensuring the perfect interior microclimate for our guests,” explained Fattori, who mentioned other important points. “It should not be forgotten that, in addition to observing all the limitations laid down by the Municipal Authority, we now have an real extra room that can be used at any time of the day – in fact, this restaurant area on the sea shore didn’t exist before.”

The overall result? Very positive, as demonstrated by the feedback already received by hotel guests. “Installed just a short time ago, the Med Twist pergolas by Gibus are much appreciated by customers, who love their elegance and practicality,” stated Fattori with satisfaction. From this season, the Boutique Hotel Rivalmare in Cittanova can count on a Place under the Sun (Stanza del Sole) just a few metres from the sea, a place that combines comfort and style, making its offer even more attractive and special.

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By selecting Med Twist we managed to satisfy all requirements easily, while at the same time giving our customer the opportunity to personalize the pergola in the best possible way.

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