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Bagni Caranca Beach

  • typology: Bathhouse
  • place: Imperia - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Twist + Glisse
  • Gibus Atelier: CALESTANI TENDE
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Twist pergola designed by Gibus has given Bagni Caranca in Bordighera, in the province of Imperia, an even more enchanting atmosphere. This beach club, situated in the most southerly part of the whole of Liguria, overlooking the sea and with spectacular views, among the most beautiful in Italy, offers a setting worthy of being experienced to the full by customers who spend time at the establishment.

In order to achieve this goal, the management of Bagni Caranca had to find a solution that offered shade on the hottest days and protection in adverse weather conditions: a result that was achieved to perfection with the installation of the Twist bioclimatic pergola, closed along the sides by Glisse sliding glass doors and completed with the addition of LED lighting.

“Twist was installed along the sea shore, on the most southerly point of Liguria. In this location the weather conditions can change significantly, even during the course of the same day. We therefore needed to find a structure that was beautiful and able to blend in harmoniously with the wonderful surrounding environment, but was at the same time resistant, particularly to wind and water,” explained the owner of Bagni Caranca, Enrico Blancardi. “Thanks to the solution proposed by Gibus, we have covered an area of approximately fifty square metres, creating a genuine outdoor veranda and achieving, even in terms of aesthetics, an exceptional result: a kind of lighted lantern over the sea, which is used as a restaurant throughout the day.”

“The installation took place in two phases: the first part was installed in December 2015 and the second, final part in March 2016, using five people for a total time of approximately three hours of work,” explained Roberta Caletti, partner of the Atelier Calestani Tende of Sanremo, to whom Blancardi turned for advice and the supply of the products. “The customer contacted us after seeing Gibus products at several trade fairs. We both agreed, from the very beginning, that Twist was the ideal solution for his particular needs, and we immediately focussed on this model. It should be remembered,” continued Caletti, pointing out an important aspect that was also underlined by the owner of Bagni Caranca, “that the structure complied with all the requirements laid down at a regional level for works carried out in an area such as this, which is unique from a scenic point of view.”

Twist’s strong points? For Blancardi, these include the excellent quality of the materials used, the attractive but harmonious design – perfect for blending into the scenery –, the powerful aesthetic impact and the possibilities offered by its modularity. These are features which, added to the “Ecobonus” incentive that the owner of the establishment was able to utilise, were translated into immediate advantages: “In first place,” declared Blancardi, “was the possibility of making good use of the restaurant at any time of the day, giving customers a sense of well-being truly without equal, due in part to the spectacular views but also the perfect microclimate inside the pergola. Then there is the lightness of the structure which, according to our guests, gives you the wonderful sensation of being outdoors while at that same time sheltered from the elements, so that you can fully enjoy the environment and unrivalled vistas in total comfort.”

Thanks to Med Twist from Gibus, Bagni Caranca can now count on an authentic Place in the Sun, which is able to attract customers and make their stay in this wonderful part of Liguria even more fulfilling.

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Med Twist’s strong points? These include the excellent quality of the materials used, the attractive but harmonious design – perfect for blending into the scenery –, the powerful aesthetic impact and the possibilities offered by its modularity.

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