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Attilio Beach

  • typology: Bathhouse
  • place: Milano Marittima - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: 11.qu / 13.qu
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What is more beautiful and practical than a Place in the Sun by Gibus in a lively seaside resort? Better still if it is installed in a wonderful location such as the well-known Attilio Beach Pleasure Club, a beach establishment in via Baracca in Milano Marittima, which has always focussed on offering a warm welcome of the highest level to its customers. From this season the club, situated just a few metres from the beach, offers a new restaurant area that can be used all day long and in every type of weather condition thanks to two Med Room Plana pergolas, which have been joined together to cover a larger area thereby guaranteeing the highest level of comfort to guests.

The decision to choose a Gibus solution solved a number of significant problems for Attilio Beach Pleasure Club, as the owner Matteo Foli explained: “We used a shade sail before, which not only was unable to provide the necessary cover during inclement weather, it also allowed heat to penetrate. Thanks to the Med Room Plana pergola we can now offer maximum shelter and a temperature that is always pleasant.” This aspect was instantly seen as been vitally important, particularly this season with its rather uncertain weather conditions. “In any case,” added Foli “we can now host seventy people under cover when the weather conditions aren’t ideal, a service that we could never have offered before. Obviously, this has considerable economic advantages.”

The first concrete results were seen a few weeks after installation. “The work was finished at the beginning of March,” explained Mirko Pieri, owner of Teloneria Tecnosol in Fornace Zarattini, in the province of Ravenna, the Gibus studio that oversaw installation of the two Med Room Plana pergolas. “After ten days, using three people, we handed over the structures finished down to the smallest detail. Among the features worthy of mention are the elegant Corten colour, the anti-UV Opatex PVC cover, the electrically operated 13.QU drop awning for lateral closing and, inside, the cross-struts with integrated LED spotlights. The fact that this solution was ideal for our customer’s requirements” added Pieri, “was evident as soon as their architect contacted us. We were able to personalise the design considerably, in terms of both dimensions and the methods in which the two Med Room Plana pergolas were joined together, which resulted in a structure of high aesthetic value.”

This latter aspect was also emphasised by the owner of Attilio Beach Pleasure Club: “We liked the idea of focussing on a versatile, light solution but which, at the same time, was also elegant and attractive, and the design of Gibus pergolas particularly appealed to us,” explained Foli. “Furthermore,” he concluded, “another of our objectives was to be able to count on an installation that over time wouldn’t require a great deal of maintenance, and from this viewpoint, using a material such as aluminium truly makes the difference.”

Now that the season has begun, all that remains is for the customers of Attilio Beach Pleasure Club to enjoy the beach and the sea of the Riviera Romagnola for the entire day in the comfort of the Place in the Sun by Gibus. 

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“We liked the idea of focussing on a versatile, light solution but which, at the same time, was also elegant and attractive, and the design of Gibus pergolas particularly appealed to us”

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