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Art Hotel Villa Fiorella

  • typology: Hotel
  • place: Capri (NA) - Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Quadra
  • Gibus Atelier:
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Imagine eating lunch or dinner or, why not, drinking an aperitif before a breathtaking view, on a terrace that overlooks the sea and the island of Capri. It may seem like a dream; instead this is what the Art Hotel Villa Fiorella in Massa Lubrense, in the province of Naples, can offer. This place is much more than a hotel, it is a real corner of paradise, a place for setting aside a few days of relaxation while enjoying service of the highest quality. Now, thanks to the installation of a Gibus product, the hotel can rely on a wonderful Place under the Sun (Stanza del Sole), which can be used by guests at any moment of the day and in any weather condition. 
All this is because of the two Quadra Pavilion pergolas by Gibus, installed as a pair on the restaurant’s terrace to cover an overall area of 90 square metres.  
“The pergola answered a precise need of hotel management, which was to keep an area of the terrace overlooking the sea continuously sheltered so that it could host customers at any moment of the day,” explained Nicola Pede, owner of the Home Interni d'Arte interior design studio of Piano di Sorrento, in the Naples area, which oversaw all the work. “A versatile and elegant solution that, from the very beginning, has proved to be ideal for answering the needs of the hotel,” added Pede. “In just two weeks, using four people, we delivered the pergolas complete with all the finishing touches, including the internal lining and sliding Glisse glass doors around the perimeter, which ensure maximum comfort at all times for our guests.” 
“Indeed,” reiterated the owner of the Art Hotel Villa Fiorella, Alberto Colonna, “we needed a solution that was similar in shape to the previous one but was decidedly better in terms of performance. Our previous structure was constructed of iron with blinds made of impermeable fabric. The main problem? We couldn’t use it at all times, as we would have liked. Too much heat, uncertain weather conditions, but also the fact that it was in a rather breezy area – something that the guests, particularly in the evening, found somewhat bothersome: these were the many problems that prevented customers from fully enjoying the unrivalled views. Now instead, thanks to the two Quadra Pavilion pergolas, we can, to all intents and purposes, count on an extra room which is, above all, usable at all times.” 
Colonna also explained the deciding factors that led to the selection of a Gibus product: “without doubt the fact that we could rely on a brand that was known for the great quality and versatility of its products, as well as the desire to find the best solution in terms of practicality and elegance while restoration work was being carried out in many parts of our hotel. The result is excellent: the pergolas blend in perfectly with our building, thereby achieving our goals, and I also see how well it has been received by our customers, who now enjoy sitting outside more than before, sheltered from the wind and rain and enjoying an unrivalled view.” 
The new Place under the Sun (Stanza del Sole) by Gibus makes a stay for guests at the Art Hotel Villa Fiorella even more special, and there is a real possibility that the opportunities will “double” shortly. “Because this installation was very much appreciated,” concluded Colonna, “I plan to install another Gibus pergola in the garden near the pool to enhance customers’ comfort when they are in this area.”

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“Now instead, thanks to the two Med Quadra Pavilion pergolas, we can, to all intents and purposes, count on an extra room which is, above all, usable at all times.”

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