Agritourism Farm in the Tuscany hills

  • typology: Restaurant
  • place: Toscana- Italy
  • Installed Gibus products: Med Twist
  • Gibus Atelier:
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Tuscany offers some of the beautiful and famous vistas in the world, and it is precisely on the hills overlooking one of its most celebrated valleys that a local agritourism farm has decided to add to its already excellent offer a Place under the Sun (Stanza del Sole) by Gibus, which allows guests to enjoy the wonderful views in maximum comfort all year round. 
This result was achieved by installing three Med Twist pergolas together with Skate glass window panels, the effect of which was to achieve an extra room on the outside of the agritourism building. 
Med Twist is a unique bioclimatic pergola with an innovative roof made of tilting metal louvers which, when adjusted according to needs, create the ideal microclimate inside. Once opened, guests can enjoy the pleasant natural ventilation, while, when closed, they are effectively protected from the sun and, if necessary, from the rain.  
The installation of this pergola at the agritourism was part of restoration work carried out to different areas of the building, during which attention was paid to every detail and nothing was left to chance. With regard to the area where the Gibus pergola was installed, the farm’s main concern was to “close” and protect an area while guaranteeing, however, maximum visibility. The idea of a traditional pergola did not convince because it would have taken away too much light. The tilting metal louvers proposed by Gibus not only offer advantages connected to the microclimate, but also allow the light to be filtered in a warm, natural way and regulated at any time of the day. 
Choosing a Gibus product also proved to be perfect in terms of versatility and design.The three modules were not only joined together seamlessly but, by being fixed to an existing wall, gave continuity to the structure. It did not seem as though the Med Twist pergolas has been added at a later date: this was also due to the slender, light design of Gibus’ pergolas. 
The Skate glass doors help to confer a feeling of airiness while ensuring unobstructed views, and are a choice with a powerful aesthetic quality. Their great versatility should also not be forgotten: with the doors closed, the area is perfect on cold, wet days, while when folded along the sides, it can be fully opened up to the outside. 
“Don’t forget”, explained Mauro Galgani, one of the shareholders of Onda Srl, the Design Studio in Florence that took care of the installation, “that an infrared heating system was also installed, which means that this outdoor space can be enjoyed at any time of the year – a further great advantage of this structure. Furthermore,” added Galgani, “it should be emphasised that the installation of Gibus’ products is always carried out quickly and solutions can be implemented according to needs and requirements. In this case, for example, the structure was assembled between May and June 2016, while the glass doors were added at the end of September, taking two people and just ten days of work in total.” 
In this way, the agritourism farm has been further enhanced with a Place under the Sun by Gibus, which allows guests to enjoy, in maximum comfort, one of the most beautiful views in Italy.  

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Med Twist is a unique bioclimatic pergola with an innovative roof made of tilting metal louvers which, when adjusted according to needs, create the ideal microclimate inside.

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