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We create solutions for living in the sun all year round so that each person can spend shining moments
in the shelter of their own Pergola or Sun Awning.
With all our energy, we design and make bioclimatic pergolas, folding pergolas and sun awnings as well
as a series of other products and accessories such as glass doors, lighting systems, audio systems and heaters.
We export our Made in Italy products all over the world and, along with them, we export excellence,
the authenticity of “a culture of the sun” and the Italian way of living in the light. Our secret is listening to our customers
and focusing on the skills, expertise and capabilities of our team. We work together by taking advantage
of the best characteristics and qualities of each one and we combine our ideas, talents and skillfulness.
We select the best to give you the best.


We want to be a reference in the world for all the people
who want to enjoy a sustainable wellbeing as we create
outdoor solutions and sun protection products
that allow our customer to live the beauty of exciting spaces.


We like being challenged every day for meeting our customers’ wishes; we combine design with technology
to create outdoors solutions for sun protection that are both innovative and reliable and, above all,
tailor-made to our customers’ needs. We believe in people, ethics and the value of partnership: we work to build up
a network of enthusiastic women and men who, thanks to their professionalism, can diffuse the value of the Gibus brand.

Our history

Gianfranco Bellin and Lorenzo Danieli set up PROGETTOTENDA on 12th October 1982, when they were respectively 26 and 23 years old; they started by making mosquito nets, vertical awnings and roller blinds in a 400 sq m rented warehouse.
Marchio Gibus
In 1987, they met other businessmen and got the idea to create a common brand and so Gibus was born. A gibus is an elegant French top hat that contains a mechanism which makes the hat collapsible through a spring system, allowing it to be conveniently carried under the arm. “Gibus” summarizes the concepts of elegance, technology and functionality that characterize our products.
Atelier Gibus
With foresight, company management understood the potentiality of developing a network of highly trained dealers based in the territory and they started the Gibus Atelier project. The Atelier shops are authorized and exclusive dealers of Gibus products for the outdoor sector. Nowadays, the network is present in Italy and in Europe with more than 330 Atelier shops (more than 80 of them are located abroad).
Gibus SPA
In 2012, four local companies located in different Italian regions merged into just one large company and Gibus SPA was born.
A few older partners left the business and a Private Equity fund entered the company. The presence of the fund would be essential for the growth and structuring of the company as well as the arrival of a new generation of managers who still support the Bellin-Danieli family in the management of the company.
100% Family Bellin - Danieli
The business restructuring was completed and the new managerial organization was achieved and so the Bellin-Danieli family bought back all Gibus shares and consequently the Private Equity fund left the company.
Gibus entered the market by increasing the paid-up capital from institutional investors and professional investors. The entry in the stock exchange confirmed the value of the brand and highlighted the international presence of the company. The collected capital would be used to accelerate the development plans aimed at strengthening the company leadership in the Italian market and increasing the business growth in the main foreign markets.

The family

Gibus is synonymous with Family: first because the company is managed by a family, Gianfranco, Lucia and Alessio (respectively Dad, Mom and son) who lead the company daily with energy and dedication and then because every employee feels like they are part of a community. The relationship among the colleagues is based on cooperation and collaboration. Gibus is a company where one enjoys and works enthusiastically.

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Atelier project

The Atelier project was born in 2008 after the intuition to build a capillary network of highly trained and skillful dealers. Currently, Gibus is present in Italy and in the main European countries with a network of more than 330 GIBUS Atelier shops (more than 80 of them are abroad). The dealers sell exclusively Gibus products for the outdoor sector and enjoy a series of corporate initiatives including communication, training and updating as well as technical and marketing activities, special prices and other services such as consumer loans and operating leases. In the B2B2C, the dealer is a strategic partner in the selling process as well as in the installation and maintenance of the product: our network of Gibus Atelier shops is one of a kind in the competitive national and international panorama and it’s also a solid base for the current and future growth.

Listing in AIM market

Being listed in the AIM market of the Italian stock exchange in June 2019 was an ambitious goal that we achieved and the strong interest of investors confirmed the validity of our business model. Since 1982, Gibus has stood apart for the capability to bring innovation to the Outdoor Design sector and the entry of the company in the stock exchange is again one of a kind. We have proudly brought Italian creativity, which is the main competitive advantage in the outdoor design sector, to the stock exchange.

Listing in AIM market Gibus
Our values Gibus

Our values

Ethical code

Ethical code

The essence of a company is its essential matter, that one thing without which a company would stop being what it is. For Gibus, the essence is made up of loyalty, fairness, confidentiality and reliability to any concerned person. The Ethical code sets up values, rules, commitments and ethical liabilities of the company and provides the guidelines of the corporate activities.


Our goal is constant improvement, which is why we think and redefine both ourselves and the business: every arrival is a new thrilling departure. We constantly redefine ideas, methods and certainties. It’s a constant flow of changes as a concept opposed to “being” when meant as immobile and unchanged thought. Redefining is a vital stimulus for us; it’s the driving force that challenges us daily and pushes us to constantly search for improvement.

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Company wellbeing

We want every person working at Gibus to do their job with pleasure and we believe that a satisfied employee contributes greatly to the company growth. That is why, year after year, we work to enhance the safety standards and training to enhance the wellbeing of our employees. We are convinced that the diffused cultural growth of the company will allow it to face the current and fast changes with competence, capacity and dynamicity. The company wellbeing also involves our retailers who we provide with constant training, services and dedicated materials.

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Attention to the customer

We are focused on our customers and we think and design our products while keeping the needs of the people who will use them in mind, creating new places where they will live their lives at their best. We are focused on the idea of providing the market with the best products ever. Our customers never feel alone because we follow them with our network of authorized Gibus Atelier dealers who take care of all work phases including research, design, sales and after sales.


Our partners are the key for creating better business. Mutual understanding and sharing fundamental values are the basis of our relationships with dealers and suppliers. Our relationship is based on transparency and commitment to become the best version of ourselves.



We certify our company and our products because we want to guarantee the highest level of wellbeing to everybody.
The ISO 9001 certification states that our quality management system complies with the excellence standard.
The ISO 45001 certification guarantees that the management system complies with the reference standard and communicates the employees and the community that the company protects the health and safety of their own employees by adopting suitable organizational, instrumental and economic measures.
The ISO 14001 certification guarantees the compliance with the environmental management standards to identify and check for the effects of corporate activities, products and services on the environment to search for the constant improvement efficiently and sustainably.
Our aluminum is painted in Qualicoat certified plants and it is Seaside pre-treated for better resistance and duration over time.

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Our communication

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