Window awnings


Outdoor window awnings are the perfect solution to add color and improve curb appeal of house exteriors. With a manual or motorized rolling system, window awnings are practical and convenient for any type of space.
Window awnings are light and easy to install products, suitable for protecting your home from UV rays by screening the windows: extendable in the summer and retractable in the winter, they reduce the amount of sunlight and keep the interior temperature more stable, therefore help making your home more energy-efficient.
Some of the Gibus window awnings, such as the SP or TF model, include a cassette where the cloth is winded when the awning is closed. The cassette is designed for niche mounting and can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. 
In some models, the cloth is controlled by stainless steel arms. In these window awnings the position of the arms can easily be adjusted, with a movement that permits to vary the quantity of desired outside light in a continuous and precise way.
Simple and elegant, classy and customizable, standing out for its refined design, an awning window grants a linear solution for creating shade and giving personality to the external architecture of your home at the same time.
The window awnings proposed by Gibus are made with innovative technologies and materials, therefore these products are highly resistant to bad weather, work perfectly and are considerably long-lasting.