Tension awnings

The tension awnings are ideal for protecting pergolas, verandas or skylights of any size from sunrays and bad weather. These covers are easy to install, practical and resistant: the motorized system is standard and the cassette protects the cloth.
The movement of tension awnings is simple and safe, guaranteed by the lateral guides, equipped with the patented “anti-fluttering” system, which assures the cloth is perfectly stretched thanks to a gas spring inserted in the sliding front.
The traction awnings are made with powder-coated structures, with a special fixing treatment, and stainless steel nuts and bolts: techniques and materials that guarantee maximum resistance to atmospheric agents and duration over time.
The particular feature of the tension awnings is that they can be placed at any degree of inclination, therefore they are also suitable for skylights, and ceiling windows. The minimum slope of the traction awnings, required for correct water drainage, is 25%.