Self Bearing Pergolas

Safe and elegant, the freestanding pergolas designed by Gibus are ideal for covering any space: at the sea or in the mountains, in the city or countryside, these products are made to satisfy any need, from esthetics to comfort and safety.
Subdivided into various models, according to the size of the surface area to be covered, either mono-module or multi-module freestanding pergolas can be chosen.
There are various models of freestanding pergolas: Med Room, Medisolafly, Med Open Fly and more.
The technology that permits rainwater drainage changes according to the model and cloth.
The freestanding pergola cloths are all normally made of block-out PVC, are anti-UV rays and also protect from the heat, keeping the area underneath cool and sheltered. The freestanding pergola cloth can be personalized as it comes in different colors.
Thanks to wind and sun detectors, the freestanding pergola is guaranteed excellent opening and closing.
The mechanism that permits opening and closing the cloth varies according to the type of cloth: Maki, Fly or Plana.