The shading sails are unique products with high visual impact: they protect with elegance, enriching the surrounding area. Inspired by sailing, they are made with highly technological and innovative materials.
Stainless steel for the structure, elegant and essential, and laminated sailcloth with radial stitching, which permits the perfect stretching of the cloth of the shading sails and avoids  sacks of water forming in case of rain.
The cloth of the shading sails opens by means of the central boom, which, thanks to the motor placed at one of its ends, rolls the cloth out and back.
The cloth closes very quickly, therefore making the shading sail even safer in case of strong wind, and is automatically operated thanks to an anemometer.
The anemometer is a mechanism that automatically closes the shading sail in case of wind over 40 km/hr.
The Gibus shading sails can be freestanding, with four masts, or leaning, with a variable number of legs and multiple configurations.