Leaning pergolas


A leaning pergola can be a great solution if you want to create a sheltered outdoor area, have shade from the sun and add visual appeal of your home.
Wall pergolas can be mono-module or multi-module. Mono-module attached pergolas are structures that lean against a wall and are supported by two posts. Multi-module wall mounted pergolas, instead, are supported by more than two legs, depending on the width of the pergola.
The slope of the cloth that integrates the structure makes rainwater flow down towards the legs, by which is channeled to the ground. A pergola attached to house with the multi-module solution is suitable for protecting larger surface areas; this version also drains rainwater to the ground through the pergola legs.
The structure of the Gibus attached pergolas has been designed and built with cutting-edge technologies and components. The cloth is usually made of block-out PVC, which guarantees protection from UV sunrays and high temperatures.
Gibus also provides a solution for protecting outdoor areas from wind, thanks to the possibility of closing the leaning pergolas on the sides. Among the lateral closing systems for pergolas attached to the house, there are windbreaker glass panels made of resistant hardened glass, which also protect from noise and rain. The glass panels are easy to clean and maintain and offer a high visual impact, especially from the inside, because it’s possible to admire the landscape through an extensive transparent surface.
With its exclusive pergola directly attached to the house, Gibus offers a great selection that can fit to any situation, for all style homes.