Glass Doors


Gibus glass doors are characterized by the use of innovative materials and technologies. Easily installable and offering many benefits, the windows fit to any architectural context and can be installed in various types of spaces, from homes to restaurants and businesses, for pergolas, terraces, colonnades, balconies, or to close meeting rooms or  greenhouses.
The powder-coated aluminum structure is subjected to a chromatization treatment to better fix the paint on the surface, in order to deter aggression from atmospheric agents, such as rain, UV rays, wind and salt fog. Different color paints are available, according to your esthetic needs.
Sliding glass door awnings have standard closing handles, such as a round stainless steel knob, or optional, such as an inner stainless steel knob and external smooth carter or lock with key.
The glass is hardened and also available in extra-clear or frosted. The doors are safe thanks to the glass thickness, which varies from 10 to 12 millimeters, they slide on parallel stainless steel guides thanks to two carriages designed to permit a fluid movement. The different glass solutions have door configurations with 2, 3 or 4 guides and can reach up to 8 elements, combined with lateral or central opening, also suitable as sliding glass door awning.
In addition, with glass doors there is no problem with water condensation thanks to a bulkhead placed at the base and the levelling of the guides next to the lateral stops, which allow water flow.