Vertical drop awnings


The vertical drop awnings designed by Gibus offer the ideal solution for providing shade and protect windows, doors and glass walls exposed to direct sunlight in a practical way. Elegant and with an exclusive design, vertical awnings are made by professionals from the industry with cutting-edge materials and technologies, in order to guarantee they work perfectly and are easy to install, even in spaces that have particular architectural features.
The Gibus vertical drop awnings can have different technological components. Some, such as Teka, have a cassette for gathering the cloth when the awning is rolled back. In other drop down awnings, used in contexts that are already protected, such as niches or arcades, the cloth is rolled back on a roller without protection. In some drop awnings the cloth slides on lateral aluminum guides or steel cables, in others the cloth falls freely, with the cloth directly fastened to the floor or a railing by means of hooks and magnets.
The Tolo line of drop awnings is the latest of Gibus’ creations and boasts five models: each one is characterized by a different cloth opening and closing technology, with cable guides, free-falling, with arms on both the wall and guides. They are all designed to meet any esthetic and architectural need.