Canopy Awnings


With the Gibus canopies you can enhance the beauty of your house or of your commercial space and add a touch of charm. 
Classic and elegant, characterized by a rounded front and side canopy, canopies are models that can adapt to various types of buildings and architecture.
The dome awnings are used to cover windows of homes but also commercial windows.
Depending on the model, the canopies offered by Gibus can reach even six meters in width. Cable control is standard, but upon request it is possible to have crank or motorized control.
The Gibus canopies come in various models, including the base, compass, proportional, round, semi-round and radial.
The canopy awnings by Gibus have a fully powder-coated aluminum structure subjected to a chromatization process to better fix the paint to the surface. This treatment protects the cloth movement mechanisms from rain and UV rays, as well as corrosion caused by atmospheric agents and add strength and rust protection.
The fabrics of the canopies are available in light polyester or acrylic, both resistant to wear and tear, giving the dome strength and allows to drain water away effectively. The pelmet is available in various colors and designs. In addition, it can be customized with designs or writing to meet the needs of your commercial businesses.