There are many advantages to be gained by using sun awnings, including the ability to create an outdoor area usable at any time of the day during the warmer months of the year, but also to protect rooms and areas effectively from the sunlight, with obvious energy savings.
With this in mind the sun awnings proposed by Gibus, as well as being practical and extremely efficient, are also very attractive in appearance: with the very precise choices in terms of style and design, they better integrate and enhance the entire facade of the house or shop where they are installed.
Sun awnings: types, materials, uses.
The great quality of the materials used, the innovative technology and the preference for elegant and essential lines, able to adapt and integrate into any context, are the cornerstones that the Gibus collections are built on, for a highly attractive final result able to respond to the needs of all end users, whether an individual or a company in the tourism and hospitality industry.
The range of solutions is really wide, starting from arm awnings, that combine technology and design for refined and safe protection from the sun. Easy to install, both on walls and ceilings, they are always made of strong long-lasting materials. Some models also have a box that protects the fabric and the movement mechanisms, as well as gutters that facilitate the flow of water in case of rain.
The drop awnings are Ideal for windows and facades. As the direction of the fabric can be controlled by using the arms, or made sliding on lateral guides or steel cables, the uses are numerous, either in private homes or in bars, shops, restaurants and hotels, getting the best both in terms of aesthetics and function.
Gibus also offers a complete series of side closures, able to protect the area of a pergola or porch with extremely versatile solutions. The fabric on these awnings can be blinds, shading or even made of crystal, a transparent PVC that gives the room a bright and friendly look.
Design sun awnings, motorised.
Alternatively you can choose traction awnings to protect pergolas, verandas and skylights, even large ones. The solutions proposed by Gibus, all with the motorized system fitted standard, can be installed, for example, on already existing pergolas and roof windows. The powder painted structures and stainless steel metal parts provide strength and durability.
Innovations for window blinds are to be found in  the motorized models or equipped with stainless steel arms able to adjust the amount of light desired at any time. The canopies, equally suited to private homes and shop windows, are made of light polyester or acrylic, and may be customised in colour and design.