Folding arm awnings


Arm awnings offer great protection against the sun over large outdoor areas. The solutions provided are fit for every situation, from tiny balconies to large backyards and gardens.
The Gibus folding arm awnings are famous for being reliable, technologically advanced and with a sophisticated design. The forms and colors accompany cutting-edge technologies, in order to guarantee excellent and long-lasting functioning for maximum comfort.
Gibus  arm awnings are designed and produced by expert staff to meet any esthetic and safety need. Their design and easy installation let them perfectly integrate into different living contexts.
When not needed, the awning arms can fold and retract the fabric back. Gibus arm awnings can have a cassette, which is an aluminum shell that houses the cloth and arms when they are collected and protects them from bad weather. Esthetically, the cassette also strongly characterizes the structure.
The cassette for Gibus arm awnings contains the cloth and conceals the awning mechanism inside a head box when retracted. When the awning is open, the front piece lets water flow from lateral plugs in case of rain.