A Place under the Sun by Gibus catches the eye in the splendid Mediterranean garden of Villa Caribe

By installing a bioclimatic Med Twist Island pergola by Gibus, Villa Caribe – a wonderful place in Spigno Saturnia, in the province of Latina, which unites restaurant, resort and spa – can now count on a restaurant area which is also set within and enhanced by a spectacular Mediterranean garden. This is no small advantage for the four-star resort in Lazio, which is specialised in providing excellent service and has become established as a much-coveted location for ceremonies, weddings and events.

“Our requirement,” explained Salvatore La Montagna, owner of Villa Caribe, “was to be able to offer an extra outdoor room, in addition to the two we already have, in which to welcome our guests for buffets, lunches and dinners, and which, at the same time, had a very modern design that blended well with the building and garden setting. What particularly caught my eye about the Gibus solutions,” continued La Montagna, “was their great emphasis on technology and the high quality of materials used. At the time of choosing, I therefore decided to concentrate on a product that could give us the best guarantee of durability, efficiency and aesthetic appeal”.

The recommendations of Silvio Orgera, owner of SL Tendaggi, the design studio that oversaw installation, also contributed to the choice of a Med Twist Island pergola. “Initially,” explained Orgera, we assessed the possibility of using a Med Room pergola, but after a more careful analysis of the needs of Villa Caribe, we agreed that Med Twist Isola was, due to its specific features, in all respects the ideal solution.”

After all, this pergola by Gibus has some truly unique features, beginning with the innovative tilting metal louvers that allows the microclimate of the area below to be regulated by creating natural ventilation and, depending on whether the louvers are open or closed, to be protected from the sun and rain. All this is combined with an elegant painted aluminium structure of minimal design, which is able to fit into its surroundings with lightness and sophistication.

“The Med Twist Island installed in Villa Caribe,” added Orgera, “has been equipped with a system of LED spot and RGB LED strip lighting to ensure that it could also be used at night. At the specific request of the customer, it was also enhanced with a number of personalised solutions. These included the exclusion of the three central legs to make the area of 9 x 21.30 metres under the structure more spacious; lateral guides without joints were preferred and the RGB LED strip lights were connected to uniform the colour of the lighting. All this was achieved while also guaranteeing fast installation, an aspect that characterises Gibus products: the work was completed in about a week with the help of three people.”

“In July,” echoed La Montagna, “the Med Twist Isola pergola was ready and available for use and the results were seen immediately, above all the opportunity to welcome guests to a new area in complete comfort, resulting in positive returns, even in financial terms. I am very happy with the design of the product, so much so that if I had to describe my experience with Gibus I wouldn’t hesitate to call it excellent.”

The decision of a resort of excellence such as Villa Caribe to install this type of pergola, therefore, clearly demonstrates how Places under the Sun by Gibus are able to enhance any setting and may provide real added value to any accommodation facility.