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Consult all Gibus products by browsing through Environment or Typology. When you open the page of the product you want, you will find the features, measurements, colors of the structure (when present), and the button DOWNLOAD THE CATALOG in order to leaf through the pertinent catalog.

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Cristal is an unstable transparent PVC that Gibus “stabilizes” through an internal procedure that considerable reduces its shrinkage over time and through use.
Despite this, we recommend using it with drop awnings that have lateral guides outfitted with zips. Moreover, Gibus sets forth the following conditions so that Cristal best meets clients’ needs:
- If the awning is moved manually with a crank, the instructions on the label, that is avoiding lengthening the fabric due to excessive traction, must be followed;
- It must not be used if the temperature falls below -5° or rises above 50°;
- The little undulations that form in areas near the guides are an optical defect that cannot be disputed;
- Cristal fabric is not covered by the guarantee for more than 2 years.

Yes, there is the Class 1 FR fire-retardant and waterproof polyester, or some Class 1 PVC fabrics, such as Soltis and Screen, or other Class 2 ones, such as Opatex, 602 Block Out, 302.

For a fabric to be defined as waterproof it must withstand the passage of water placed on a 1000-mm column, therefore the only fabrics as such are reverse acrylics, resinated polyester and the Soltis W96, the precontraint 602, 302 and the blackout Opatex.
The first are more suited for awnings, while the precontraint and opatex are better for pergolas. In any case, the specific application must be evaluated with the Gibus Atelier, who con best advise you.

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You can trust our network of Gibus Atelier and select the ones nearest you that are able to offer the services most suited for your needs.

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Instead, if you need to contact the company click here, fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The complete assortment of all the Gibus products are available at our Gibus Atelier resellers. Here you will also have the possibility of seeing the products on display in the showroom by finding out which of the Atelier nearest you also offer the service of a showroom.

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Each awning is made to measure by Gibus because it must fit in its architectural context. There are multiple models and typologies of awnings and structures that carry out the same function. Therefore, we invite you to consult the Gibus Atelier nearest you for an on-site visit and quotation. This could help you find the most satisfying solution. If you already have an idea of the awning that could best suit your needs, keep in mind that an awning can be more or less automated, have different typologies of cloths and also the paints can be chosen.

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The guarantee does not recognize defects and limits of the fabrics as described in the Consumer Indications: undulations near stitching, undulations on the edges of the cloth, undulations or beehives at the center of the cloth, folds from compression and rolling, small holes and “pin stripes”. In addition, Cristal cloths are not covered by the conventional guarantee (3rd, 4th and 5th year).

Yes, but the extension to 5 years is only valid if Obligatory Maintenance is done by the 2nd year.

Obligatory Maintenance is having the product “serviced” within the terms set forth by the manufacturer, the Gibus reseller, in order to continue with the guarantee; the intervention is charged to the client. 

The Gibus awnings and structures are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. Gibus, with exception to provisions by law, extends the guarantee to 5 years the moment the client asks his or her trusted Gibus reseller for an obligatory maintenance intervention within the 2nd year. The guarantee for the 3rd year covers 60% of the value of the product, for the 4th year it covers 50% and for the 5th year it covers 35%. Extending the guarantee to the 3rd, 4th or 5th year covers the replacement of the parts Gibus recognizes as defective and does not cover the costs of labor, disassembly, assembly, or minimum service charge.
Refer to the Use and Maintenance Manual and the current Price List to find out about the services and costs.
Finally, the guarantee for the Gibus awnings and structures sold after January 14, 2014 is only valid if said awnings and structures are equipped with an anti-counterfeiting hologram with an identification number for tracking.

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Yes, the cloth can be replaced. You can also decide to change the type of fabric, apart from the color or pattern. You can simply contact the Gibus Atelier nearest you by clicking here.

The fabrics Gibus uses for the awnings and the structures have all been designed and treated to remain outdoors, even in winter. However, the awnings that are protected inside the cassette (arm or drop awnings) or a protective roof (awnings or pergolas) undeniably last longer.
In the case of particular exposure to saline fog or dense smog, storage during winter can be advisable; some resellers offer this service (disassembly of the awnings before winter, cleaning, storage, and reinstallation before spring. Consult the sheets of the points of sale to find out about the services that the Atelier resellers can provide).

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To find out how to best clean the awnings and fabrics, please consult the Use and Maintenance Manual that accompanies the awning or pergola, and the Consumer Indications can be downloaded here.
In any case, as the fabrics are for outdoors and are treated to be as resistant as possible to wear and tear, the elements and mould, washing must be delicate, with warm water and neutral soaps.
In general, avoid 100° pressure washers that could permanently damage the fabrics. For more complete cleaning indications please consult our Atelier resellers, who can help you with specifically designed products.

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For awnings (drop, arm and domes) you do not normally need to request normally need to request authorization from the Municipality. In any case, if they are fixed structures (Arteurbana and Linearossa) it is advisable to consult the municipal town-planning regulations, directly or through a planning firm.
Check among the services offered by our Atelier for ones that can guarantee you assistance with standards.

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Apart from this, condominium regulations, if they exist, must be checked, and the rights of third parties must always be respected. You must also find out if you live in areas subject to environmental or landscape restrictions.

Regulations governing the request for municipal authorization for the installation of pergolas vary and depend on the town-planning regulations of the Municipality the pergola is being installed in. Usually a DIA is sufficient. In any case, it is advisable to consult the Technical Office of the Municipality or a planner who can complete the paperwork for you.
Check among the services offered by our Atelier for ones that can guarantee you assistance with standards.

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Apart from this, condominium regulations, if they exist, must be checked, and the rights of third parties must always be respected. You must also find out if you live in areas subject to environmental or landscape restrictions.