Shade Covers and awnings for terraces: made to protect you from sun and rain when you are outside

Our Covers for terraces meet all the various furnishing needs and adapt to any architectural context, as well as all spaces available.
From pergolas, leaning or freestanding, to different models of covers for pergolas; from the shading sails to arm awnings; from lateral closing systems to glass panels, to cantilever roofs and umbrellas: the range of terrace covers Gibus offers the market is the right combination of style, functionality and flexibility.
Shade Covers and closing systems can be completed, upon request, with Somfy automatisms and motorization, which can be connected to Home Control systems.
The materials are always selected and treated to last over time and resist the action of atmospheric agents: wind, rain, sun, cold, hail, and salt fog that often hit the terrace.
Stainless steel and aluminum for the structure, tie rods and wall coupling, which undergo paint chromium-plating; hardened and stratified glass; Teflon, acrylic or polyester, cloths: whichever model it may be, each component is designed to guarantee protection, robustness and reliability.