Even in the covers for skylights – and in skylights for covers – we can efficaciously meet all the needs for safety, quality and durability.
Our modular systems, made of polycarbonate sheets and bent according to need and design choices, in variable shapes, from arches to triangles, enable us to bring light to the areas underneath and, for example, let air circulate, eliminate odors or smoke, lower or raise the heat (for example, a porch or terrace enclosed in glass).
Everything without ever giving up the winning features of Gibus products; features that, even in the case of skylights and their accessories – for example radiators – make the difference: safety, resistance to impact and atmospheric agents, light and stable materials: aluminum and stainless steel for fastening systems and construction parts, apart from the aforementioned polycarbonate, which is transparent and more robust than glass.
Somfy motorization and automatisms can also be applied here for regulating opening and closing.