Awnings for shops


For shop windows Gibus offers a vast array of solutions. Among the most well-known products are surely the Domes: with a simple opening and closing mechanism and efficacious coverage, they are ideal to protect shop windows of commercial businesses. Available in different shapes and sizes, various colors and fabrics, they adapt to various architectural contexts, both classic and modern.
One of the biggest benefits in using awnings for shops is the promotion of your business. The pelmets of the Domes can be personalized with writing, logos and images according to your style, which helps advertising and increasing the visibility of your premises.
The fabrics of these covers for shops are made of acrylic or light or heavy polyester, all built to an extremely high standard to withstand water, wind and prolonged exposure to sun. The polyester is particularly recommended because it greatly reduces the formation of small holes where the fabric folds.
Another possibility for sun awnings to be used as covers for shops are drop awnings with arms fastened to the wall. They can be made of painted aluminum or stainless steel, according to the models.
The opening and closing movements of the Gibus shop windows can be controlled by manual or motorized operation and for some models  - the stainless steel line – you have optional roof in transparent PMMA, which protects the retractable system.