Outdoor areas

The covers for outdoor establishments, designed and made by Gibus professionals, are fit not only to protect the areas from UV sunrays, rain or wind, but also to furnish the environments with an elegant and light flair. The typologies and the design of these products are different in order to meet various architectural and esthetic needs. Colors, shapes and materials have been designed to adapt to the style and taste and the structure they are inserted in.
The most popular covers for outdoor establishments are pergolas that employ different opening and closing technologies, as well as cloth production styles. Mediterranea usually has a stretched or loose pitch awning model. Instead, Med Room can also offer a cloth that rolls back on horizontal rollers.
Often the choice of covers for outdoor establishments is Med GC because it can be applied to pre-existing structures. The pitch awning slides on steel cables. The windbreaker bars are made of aluminum and are sewn inside the fabric to emphasize the attention to details and tailor-like elegance, as well as to assure they are long lasting.
The materials and the techniques used to make the covers for outdoor establishments, in fact, are on the cutting edge for both resistance and esthetic sophistication.