Large windows

The Gibus covers for glass windows and doors are sun awnings suited to protect the glass surfaces of your home from sun and bad weather. Numerous models are available to assure complete protection from sunrays and rain in any space and period of the year.
Among the covers for glass surfaces there are drop awnings, for example, with square or circular cassettes, ideal to hold and protect the rolled-back cloth. They are resistant structures, made of powder-coated aluminum, and can protect glass surfaces in different dimensions. These items can have projected arms, so the quantity of light you want to come in can be better regulated, and with manual or motorized cloth movement.
All the sun awnings that act as coverage for glass windows or doors are tested for wind resistance in compliance with the European regulation UNI EN 13561.
Even the arm awnings can be used for glass surface coverage. They usually have a cassette that collects the cloth and extendable arms. They are designed and made with highly resistant materials and can be installed with different slopes depending on needs. Each structure has manual or motorized systems to roll back the awning cloth.
The high quality of the materials and the avant-garde technologies used to create covers for glass panels assure the movement mechanisms working perfectly, the high resistance to aggression from external agents and durability.