There are numerous cover systems for gardens offered by Gibus: pergolas and shade sails, lateral closing systems and glass panels, cantilever roofs and umbrellas. They are high performance and safe, comfortable and can be personalized with different configurations, styles, fabrics, and colors ideal for furnishing glamorous or minimal areas. Different solutions are available to meet different functional, esthetic and architectural needs.
The garden cover systems, designed and made by Gibus, are avant-garde structures, resistant to aggression from external agents, UV rays and time. Technical devices, attention to details, sophisticated materials and automation make these garden covers essential added value to your home.
Available with shading cloths in various colors and typologies, with waterproof PVC cloths, polyester sailcloth … Gibus awnings, sails and umbrellas are ideal garden covers to protect any outdoor space.
Garden cover systems also include lateral closing systems, or awnings that roll back or glass panels that permit laterally closing pergolas and structures. The Skate or Glisse glass panels are made of hardened glass, 10-mm thick, which slide on one track (Skate) or on parallel tracks (Glisse). The need for maintenance is minimal and they are guaranteed to be long lasting due to high-quality materials and innovative technologies.