Balcony awnings, the exterior shades for balconies, domes and roofs, are available in a wide and diversified range to meet all functional and size needs and can be adapted to customers’ preferences in terms of color, style and fabric design. 
Light and flexible, the Gibus balcony awnings adapt to any architectural context, protecting the outside of a house, bar or shop from sun, rain and wind. In the case of commercial businesses, the domes can have personalized writing or logos.
Clients can choose among many exterior shades for balconies, designed and made to assure reliability and durability over time across a wide range of environmental conditions.
The Gibus balconies offer countless advantages
  • easy installation and maintenance;
  • cable, crank or motor operated opening and closing mechanisms, with a variety of Somfy automatisms that can be activated by remote control and connected to a «Home Control» system; 
  • Teflon fabrics – in the case of domes – ultra-resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents and the mechanical action of wind; 
  • hardened and stratified glass for cantilever roofs; 
  • personalized supports to guarantee excellent installation in any situation; 
  • stainless steel or aluminum structures that undergo chromium-plating to guarantee paint durability and protection from corrosion.