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We had a bright idea. We call it The place under the sun.

A new thinking, a new idea to believe in, a revolution. Everything starts and ends here. 
The place under the sun is our way to envisage outdoor life. A way to experience of all those moments of joy, light, energy, relax and happiness that you can live within in, with it and thanks to it.
The place under the sun is the natural setup for any Gibus pergola and awning: for us, it's all about the freedom of composition, that allows for new thinking and new design for your living space.
A place where enjoying some deserved me time, ideal for every season, every minute of your day and in balance with nature.
Thanks to detailed and custom solutions – such as glass doors, motorized automatic mechanisms, heaters, sound and LED lighting –The place under the sun is an open invitation to enjoy your life open air and make the most of balconies, communal gardens, outdoor seating for hotels, establishments, restaurants, public pools and baths.
We envisaged it for everyone who loves enjoying their home and open air lifestyle surrounded by beautiful design.

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You are the focus of our attention.

We design and create open spaces onto the world, so everyone can enjoy sunny days, Italian style. Indeed, it's light that keeps inspiring and enthusing each and every project.
We have a new approach to space, that means maximum flexibility in the design process.
Each space we design bears in mind the specific context it is conceived for: architecture, light exposure and orientation, matching the existing materials and so forth. Our projects are tailor made so that they redefine the space and by evolving in it, they provide them with new added value.
We reinvent shapes, use conventional materials for unconventional results, reinterpret the idea of solar
protection leveraging on all the alternatives within reach.
This approach is dedicated to those who live the space and to their needs, and builds a home reality where nothing is for granted and everything is purpose-built.


We do our best to be just as you wish us to be, so that we keep the promises we make.

We love what we do. 
Behind our efforts, there's a strong work ethic, made of the love for things done properly.
We care for people. We believe in people and we strive to appreciate and recognise everyone's skills and enthusiasm. Because together we can do better. Yes, we are ambitious but also happy to swap opinions and take feedback, even if sometimes it can be hard to accept.
Fairness above all – we can't help it. We are honest and sincere. We know when to say 'thank you' but also 'we were wrong' or 'well done' and 'I'm sorry'. 
Curious at heart. We get inspired by what is around us, what we see and what we hear – in short, we let beauty talk to us and we listen.
We give it all, with respect – For our work, for the environment and ultimately for you. In a balanced mix of intuition and technical expertise, we make sure your product is durable, resistant over time but also functional, beautiful and impossibly cutting edge.
We live the future. Needs may change but so do we with them. Sometimes, we even anticipate them! We promote innovation and we take evolution as a matter of life, part of our DNA.