Beach resort “Caranca”

Bordighera (IM) - Italy

Bordighera (IM) on the southernmost tip of Liguria.

Gibus products installed
Med Twist, Glisse sliding windows, integrated RGB LED Strip lighting. Surface area 50 m2.

Project needs
The Bagni Caranca beach establishment is on the coast of Bordighera (IM), in the southernmost part of Liguria.
The project was created on a surface area of ​​50 m2 in the beachfront area of Lungomare Argentina, where the climatic conditions are often unpredictable. The owners of the establishment were looking for a solution to be able to offer shade on hot, sunny days and shelter during bad weather, permitting their customers to enjoy the surrounding scenery in comfort.

Gibus Atelier involved
Calestani Tende in Sanremo

Project features
The customer’s requirements characterised the project from the start: the structure had to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and integrate seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, but at the same time it had to be resistant, especially against water and wind. It was therefore necessary to provide an elegant covering with a balanced design to meet the aesthetic needs of the customer, but one that was also functional in the weather conditions typical of the area. The ideal choice to meet these requirements was the bioclimatic Med Twist 2-module pergola, closed laterally by Glisse sliding windows and completed with LED lighting. Thanks to this solution, an aesthetically exceptional outdoor room was created, giving the feeling of being outdoors while at the same time being protected, so as to fully enjoy the environment and incredible views in complete comfort.